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Rankin-Bass Christmas Rarities: Six Features (2 DVDs)

Rankin-Bass Christmas Rarities: Six Features (2 DVDs)

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Six shows on two DVDs in one convenient package. A Christmas Tree (1972) The setting is Christmas Eve. Young Peter and Mary are listening to their grandfather tell stories when the family?s Christmas tree magically growth through the roof. Peter and Mary suddenly find themselves in a wonderous adventure to save the spirit of Christmas. 23 minutes. Excellent condition. The First Christmas (1975) Lucas the shepherd boy is blinded and nearly lost in a paralyzing winter storm, but is saved by the sisters of a nearby abbey. Sister Theresa allows Lucas to stay until Christmas; in return, the boy decides to give all he owns: his flock. For his kindness, Lucas experiences a miraculous recovery. 24 minutes. Excellent condition. Jack Frost (1979) Pardon-Me Pete, the official groundhog of Groundhog Day, narrates the story of Jack Frost, who falls in love with a beautiful young woman and begs Father Winter to make him human so that she can see him. His request is granted, but only on the condition that by the spring he has a house, a bag of gold, a horse, and a wife. 48 minutes. Excellent condition. The Leprechauns? Christmas Gold (1981) Sent in search of a Christmas tree, cabin boy Dinty Doyle lands on a mysterious uncharted Irish island where he accidentally releases a bad-tempered banshee from her pine tree prison. Leprechaun Barry Kilakilarney knows that in order to survive, the banshee will try to swipe his clan?s pot of Christmas gold. 25 minutes. Excellent condition. The Stingiest Man In Town (1978) An adaptation of the Dickens classic ?A Christmas Carol.? 50 minutes. Excellent condition. Pinocchio?s Christmas (1983) Pinocchio joins a puppet show to earn money for Geppetto?s Christmas present, but he meets and runs away with a beautiful girl puppet named Julietta, leaving Geppetto alone and worried. 49 minutes. Excellent condition.

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