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A word about our video titles: Videos offered by "WBVIDEO" come from a nostalgic media vendor. In many cases, the only available circulating copies may be several generations removed from the original, or perhaps from an old broadcast. Purchases made from "WBVIDEO" are custom-recorded from source copies on a by-order basis. This title comes fully labeled in a shrink-wrapped keep-case. This media is known to be in public domain. No rights given or implied.
Our Miss Brooks (1956) w/Bonus Extrta (DVD)

Our Miss Brooks (1956) w/Bonus Extrta (DVD)

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Part Number:WBVIDEO-006
As ever, high school teacher Connie Brooks carries a torch for handsome but clueless biology professor Phillip Boynton (Robert Rockwell, taking over a role created for radio by Jeff Chandler). Connie is finally able to arouse Boynton's attention when she is courted by the father (Don Porter) of a student (Nick Adams) she is tutoring. 85 minutes. Bonus#1: The May 13, 1953 episode of the television series ?Our Miss Brooks? titled This Is Your Past. Connie is being followed by a strange man. Every time he follows her, something disappears and she gets blamed for it. 26 minutes. Bonus#2: The June 26, 1955 episode of the radio series ?Our Miss Brooks? titled Marriage By Proxy. Connie dreams that she gets married to Mr. LeBlanch. 26 minutes.

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