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John Denver: The Christmas Gift (1986) (DVD)

John Denver: The Christmas Gift (1986) (DVD)

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John Denver stars as George Billings, a successful New York City architect. One year ago, at Christmastime, his beloved wife died. So now the usually joyous season is a time of painful memories for George and his seven year old daughter Alexandra. To make matters worse, George's boss, Mr. Renfield, sends him on a business trip to look over a small Colorado town for a possible real estate development.  When George and Alex arrive in tiny Georgetown, they discover a charming hamlet where everyone, from the oldest grandfather to the smallest child, believes in Santa Clause. George quickly falls under the spell of the town, and its lovely postmistress Susan McMillan. Meanwhile, on the strength of George's glowing reports, Mr. Renfield proceeds with plans scheming to transform the town into a modern ski resort. Everyone, including Susan and Alex, turns against poor George, who has already lost his job in protest. But George wins the town back with his daring plan to thwart Renfield and preserve Georgetown's old fashioned charm. And when Santa pitches in with a few "miracles" of his own, the town truly has a Christmas to remember. This show originally aired on CBS on December 21, 1986.

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