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Duffy's Tavern (1945) w/Bonus Extras (DVD)

Duffy's Tavern (1945) w/Bonus Extras (DVD)

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Duffys Tavern, the neighborhood watering hole where the elite meet to eat? is in danger of closing. The trouble begins when the manager, Archie (Ed Gardner), discovers that Michael O'Malley (Victor Moore), one of the bar?s regular customers, is having trouble with his business. O?Malley owns a record factory and wartime controls on materials and prices have left him without the shellac needed to produce those 78 RPMs. The war had also stripped him of his labor force. Now the men are back from the war, but O?Malley has no money to open the factory and no shellac. His employees, all soldiers recently discharged from their military duties, are eating and drinking on credit at Duffy's Tavern. So Archie and O?Malley set about to get the factory running and the men back to work. They have a master recording of Bing Crosby which they plan to mass-produce and sell to raise the money. A large number of entertainers, including Crosby, are staying at a hotel in New York where O?Malley's daughter Peggy (Marjorie Reynolds) is a switchboard operator. 92 minutes Bonus #1: The pilot episode of the television series ?Duffy?s Tavern? from May 4, 1954. Archie had the tavern redecorated at the great cost to Duffy of $18. On the night of the grand re-opening, all of the regulars seem to be in Sweet Sue?s ice cream parlor, and they won?t come back. 26 minutes. Bonus #2: The October 5, 1951 episode of the radio series ?Duffy?s Tavern? as broadcast live over the NBC network. In this episode, Duffy is looking to sell the tavern against Archie?s wishes, so Archie calls on his friend Boris Karloff to convince Duffy?s realtor that the place is haunted. 30 minutes.

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