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Dramatic Groucho: 3 Features (DVD)

Dramatic Groucho: 3 Features (DVD)

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Bell Telephone Hour The Mikado -- April 29, 1960 Escaping from a distasteful marriage, Nanki-Poo, the son of the Mikado, arrives in the town of Titipu - disguised as a musician. He has chosen Titipu because a beautiful girl, Yum-Yum, with whom he has fallen in love, lives in the town. A desire to marry Yum-Yum, however, is not enough. Nanki-Poo has to contend with her guardian, Ko-Ko, the Lord High Executioner, who has every intention of marrying Yum-Yum, himself. Problems are compounded when the Mikado, accompanied by Katisha, Nanki-Poo's jilted bride, also arrive in the hitherto peaceful town of Titipu. Starring Stanley Holloway as Pooh-Bah, Dennis King as The Mikado, Groucho Marx as Ko-Ko, Melinda Marx as Peep-Bo, Barbara Meister as Yum-Yum, Sharon Randall as Pitti-Sing, Robert Rounseville as Nanki-Poo, and Helen Traubel as Katisha. Includes original Bell Telephone commercials; run time is approximately 60 minutes. Poor condition. Marx Brothers scenes from ?The Story Of Mankind? (1957) Chico as a monk friend of Christopher Columbus; Groucho as Peter Minuet; Harpo as Isaac Newton. Good condition. 10 minutes. Bob Hope Presents The Chrysler Theater ?Time For Elizabeth? -- April 24, 1964 This was a play originally written by Groucho Marx and Norman Krasda in 1948, which had a short, run on stage. It was re-made for TV and aired on ?Bob Hope Presents The Chrysler Theater? with Groucho in the lead role as a New York businessman who retires to Florida, only to find he misses the activity of the working life. Groucho Marx as Ed Davis, Eden Marx as Vivian Morgan, Kathryn Eames as Kay Davis, Roland Winters as Walter Schaeffer, John Considine as Richard Coburn, and Carole Wells as Anne Davis. This recording is of the skit only, with no commercials or opening monologue by Hope; run time is approximately 47 minutes. Good condition.

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